Our History

In 1907, when Trentino was still under the Hapsburg Empire, a winery in Isera with its corresponding name Cantina Sociale was established. By the will of the viticulturists in the area, Cantina d’Isera started harvesting the precious grapes from the basaltic hills of Isera, primarily among these is Marzemino. Today over 150 associates, on 200 hectares of land, provide every harvest on the average 20.000 quintals of selected and valuable grapes. “A good wine is born in the vineyard”: this is one of the principles that Cantina d’Isera firmly believes in.

From a choice of new implantation up to the systematic control of the entire vegetative cycle, all are followed and controlled rigorously, with the aim of obtaining a healthy and high quality viticole production. Under the supervision of its expert oenologist, Cantina d’Isera vinifies the good grapes furnished by the associates, wisely finding a balance between the advantages of new technologies and the wisdom of ancient tradition.
The maxim “Quality does not accept compromises” represents for the Cantina d’Isera an obligation, a commitment to the consumers and the guarantee to enjoy, appreciate and love the wines created from the passion of man and the generosity of the hills of Isera.