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Isera 907 Riserva

Trento Doc

Isera 907 Riserva is the finest Trento doc cuvèe of Cantina d’Isera. Born exclusively from the squeezing of Chardonnay grapes harvested from the vineyards cultivated with pergola or espalier method by our partner wine makers, on our highest hills, between 500 and 600 metres above sea level. THe significant thermal change between day and night, the clear air and luminosity at high level ensure the accumulation of the typical Chardonnay aromas in the grapes, a natural concentration of acidity and the ideal taste that retains over time. After aging in the bottle for at least 50 months, the wine is ready to leave the Cellar. After a year from disgorgement, it is able to appease the long wait.

Food pairing

A rich and elegant Trento doc, fresh and savoury, ideal to accompany the entire meal. We suggest to savour it with raw fish and shellfish dishes; white pizza with mortadella and pistachios; aged cheeses and tasty cold cuts.
Capacity: 150 cl • 75 cl

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