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Marzemino d'Isera

The art and experience of over one hundred years of hard and passionate work enveloped in this wine

If you want to find a symbol, a standard-bearer able to represent the values and tradition of Cantina d’Isera, the choice is clear: Marzemino. Marzemino is the most typical wine of Vallagarina, where it found the ideal habitat on the dark basaltic soils of Isera. The classic area where the vine reaches its utmost quality is certainly Isera. Indeed, here the soils, consisting of the degradation of tuff and basaltic rocks, confer to the gapes and therefore to the wine, an exceptional texture and bouquet.
Marzemino grape bunches are of medium sizes with the typical side-shoots, the grapes are medium-small of black-blueish colour with very resistant and pruinose skin. Generous in qualitative terms, Marzemino is not as nearly generous in the production phase; frost and spring winds add to the scarce vine fertility, thus not guaranteeing large production quantities to the wine maker. For this reason, Marzemino is a real “jewel” of the Cellar, ideal to accompany and make some moments exclusive.
Its colour is unmistakable, a bright ruby that contrasts its surprisingly gentle scent; its taste is instead bold and harmonic, a true pleasure for the palate. Ideal to accompany first dishes with mushroom sauces, white and red meats, cold cuts or salami served hot or cold, it is a wine that evokes all the scents and fragrances of Trentino, truly unique and generous land. Marzemino is currently one of the most appreciated and sought-for wines on the market, while its popularity has very ancient origins.
In “Don Giovanni", Mozart praised Marzemino, quintessence of the pleasures of the table, a musical monument. At the Emperor’s court of Vienna, this wine was considered amongst the most prestigious, also praised by Don Giovanni and its creator Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who viewed pleasure as life art. Evidences of the presence of Marzemino in Vallagarina date back since the 15th century. Marzemino d’Isera of Cantina d’Isera is a true wine-making art work of century-old tradition, such that today, fine wine lovers – as once Don Giovanni – cheer by saying: "Excellent Marzemino!".



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