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1907 - Page 1 of the partners’ book
1907 During these difficult years, in which phylloxera was raging relentlessly in Europe and northern Italy, Dr. Valerio Dorigotti promoted the foundation of four cooperatives in Isera: Cassa Rurale, Famiglia Cooperativa, Caseificio sociale and Cantina Cooperativa. A group of 32 people gathered their intents to open Cantina d’Isera and on 23rd December 1907, registered the by-law which lists the rights and duties of the affiliated wine-makers.
1930-1946 Difficult years followed for Cantina d’Isera, which underwent the two world wars and, in particular, the financial crisis of the ‘30s that almost forced it to close down. The cellar started to recover in particular after this big crisis, registering satisfactory sales volumes and proceeding with the renovation and restoring of the cellar that was at that time located in Ravagni’s home, in town.

1947 The affiliated wine-makers of Cantina d’Isera purchased a land in Isera valley, a few metres from Adige river, in “Senteri” district. This land was strategically more convenient to host grapes conferring and processing activities; in 1950, the works were completed and the current headquarters of Cantina d’Isera were built.

1951 Consorzio Generale Irriguo di Isera was founded, which solved the problem of water scarcity for about forty hectares of the Cellar’s affiliated wine-makers.
Historic photo of Isera
1954 Consorzio Antigrandine Comunale was born to fight the problem of hail, that had the purpose to set-up within the territory of Isera, the launching stations of flares directed against the clouds deemed dangerous for hailstorms.

1958 Consorzio del Marzemino gentile di Isera was founded. Called “Consorzio per la difesa del vino tipico Marzemino gentile della plaga di Isera” (Consortium for the protection of typical Marzemino gentile wine from Isera’s plague), had the scope to protect the name Marzemino gentile di Isera, boost production and processing in order to improve the quality, and to promote and sell it at affordable prices.

1971 The Trentino DOC label was born this year, which regulated the Designation of Origin of the wines produced in the municipalities of the province of Trento, among which also Isera, to which the sub-area of Isera or d’Isera is reserved.

1978 First harvest of our Marzemino Etichetta Verde, the most prestigious quality of the famous wine from Isera. Selected in the best vineyards, Marzemino d'Isera Etichetta Verde is produced only during the best harvests. In the ‘80s, the cellar focused on attaining the quality and upgrading of the vineyards.
1978 – the first harvest of Marzemino 'Etichetta Verde'
2004 First harvest of spumante Trentodoc In 2005, 5,500 bottles of 0.75 lt and 500 Magnum bottles (1.5lt) were produced. In 2008, the first bottles were disgorged, followed by the first Magnum bottles the next year. After refining the production and recognising the high quality of the Chardonnay cultivated on these hills, the Brut and Extra Brut versions were added the following years.
2007 In view of the one-hundred-year anniversary of the Cellar, the structure was renovated and the new Wine shop was opened.

Today over 150 partners, on an area of 200 hectares, confer about 20,000 quintals of selected and quality grapes at each harvest. Under the guidance of wine experts, Cantina d’Isera vinifies the grapes supplied by the partner wine-makers, wisely balancing the advantages of new technologies and wisdom of ancient traditions, respecting and exalting the peculiarities of the territory.
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